New Brunswick Table


Brunswick has just released a new Commercial Pool Table. Available in 7′, 8′, & 9′, the Black Wolf Pro is a great pool table that you can put into your business and it will last for decades of commercial use. We’ve recently put New Gold Crown V and Gold Crown VI tables at UC Davis, Sac State College, and UOP College. Yes, many colleges have a room with Pool Tables in them. Many of these schools also have student teams who will travel and play tournaments against other schools. We also put Gold Crown VI Pool Tables at a nice Hotel in the Sacramento area replacing 2 home style tables that just don’t hold up and last like a real commercial made table.
Here’s the great thing about the Black Wolf Pro. It’s about Half the price of the Gold Crown VI. (the VI is the latest version to be released since the Gold Crown was introduced back in 1961. The Gold Crown VI price starts at $9,550.00 and the Black Wolf starts at $4,635.00
The Black Wolf Pro takes the place of the Centurion model commercial table. The BWP has the inner frame of the Centurion but is a little more stylish I feel.

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