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High Limit Casino Poker Chip Set

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High Limit Casino Poker Chip Set

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7 colors and denominations, with RARE DENOMINATION: $1, $5, $10, $25, $100, $500 AND $1000Heaviest authentic clay poker chips on the market, 14g500 piecesReal Casino grade clay (not ABS like some others on the market)Each chip has a full color image PVC sticker that heat transferred onto it, that makes its impossible to peel off.39 mm diameter professional weight and size poker chips. GREAT FOR TEXAS HOLD'EM ENOUGH CHIPS FOR 10 PLAYERS FOR SINGLE OR TOURNAMENT GAMESThese chips are our newest version of poker chips, don't wait and own one of these UNIQUE set today. These are brand new 500 14g CLAY HIGH LIMIT CASINO POKER CHIPS W/CASE . These are the same technology that real casino use for anti-theft purpose. The ultimate set of poker chips now available here!Clay Chips are the Pro's choice! All high-end casinos, World Series of Poker Tournaments and professional poker games use clay chips. They're made of real clay, same as the authentic chips used by the top casinos. These are 39 mm diameter professional weight and size poker chips.Poker Chips are not only a gaming tool, but also a valuable collectors item. A good set of poker chips can give you and your family hours of joy having your own poker night! INCLUDES DELUXE ALUMINUM CASE!The chips will be protected in this DELUXE ALUMINUM case. This durable aluminum deluxe case is made of aircraft grade materials and aluminum used in its construction make it the most durable case on the market. This is the chip case that will last a lifetime.Included:White $1Red $5Blue $10Green $25Black $100Purple $500Yellow $1000Set includes 150 White, 100 Red, 100 Blue, 50 Green, 50 Black, 25 Purple, 25 YellowSet includes 20 bundles of 25 chips eachSet includes 1 aluminum case (holds 500 chips)Set includes 2 deck of PLASTIC playing cardsSet includes 5 red casino diceSet includes 1 DELUXE dealer button and 2 Blinds500 14 grams casino poker chips total 14 g casino grade real clay
Chip Weight 14.0g
Material Clay

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