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About Valley Gaming & Billiards

Valley Gaming & Billiards is a family-owned business with two retail stores and a distribution warehouse in Northern California. The brick and mortar locations stock and sell a wide variety of quality home gaming, furniture, and decor products. While pool tables are the primary market, Valley Gaming is also known for the large selection of darts and bar stools.

The founder, Stephen Hopson, started his success, eventually leading to the startup of Valley Gaming, in the amusement/video game machine industry on eBay in 1997. He would buy and refurbish pinball and arcade games from all over and put them back on the market. Stephen was managing an international market, doing business in places as far as Russia and India, before getting into a new industry.

In 2004, Valley Gaming & Billiards was started, a venture into the Billiards industry. Throughout the years, Valley Gaming's expansive market area and quality of service has been recognized by the major pool table manufacturers and is now seen as a valuable dealer. Success would not have been possible without great customers from all over- Valley Gaming & Billiards appreciates your business!